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Tree of Prophets Review


So we have finished our Tree of Prophets project.  

We learned that we may need stronger mounting tape because some of the medallions fell down a few times.

We learned that ideally the medallions would hold up better on cardstock and I am reluctant to laminate the medallions because they will be too reflective to see well.

We learned that we need to mount the canvas a little higher on the wall and that we need a good mounting surface on the wall.  I am considering cork board but it may be too weak to support canvas.

The stories and lessons went very well.  The most interesting thing was how many questions the children had about the Prophets and the stories.  In the end you see how little you know in the face of so many questions!  

I hope to repeat this project in the future and build on what we have learned.  The thing that I would like most of all is a good young adult version of The Lore of Light so that the children could have a little more information when we repeat the project. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or observations if your family tries this project as well!