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The Ramadan Table

Our inspiration for the Ramadan Table this year is the Moon Garden.  A Moon Garden features while flowers that bloom in the night to save energy.  The flowers are white because they are pollinated by bats and moths and not bees.

We began by gathering the flowers, vines and mint while out on a family nature walk.

We picked mint from our family garden.

White flowers are also know for their fragrance.  We chose Wild Honeysuckle but Gardeina, White Rose and Jasmine would also work for this concept.

We also featured citrus which is very popular when added to food and drink while Ramadan falls in the summer months.  We hope to do a post soon about making mint lemonade for Iftar.

The eggs are our cosmic element because they can symbolize the universe and the egg surface and texture reminds me of the face of the moon.

We already had these fantastic terrariums with ferns, moss and pebbles so we added our foliage, citrus and eggs with the place settings to make the table.

Please share your ideas for making the Ramadan special for your children at Iftar.

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