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The Ramadan Table

Our inspiration for the Ramadan Table this year is the Moon Garden.  A Moon Garden features while flowers that bloom in the night to save energy.  The flowers are white because they are pollinated by bats and moths and not bees.

We began by gathering the flowers, vines and mint while out on a family nature walk.

We picked mint from our family garden.

White flowers are also know for their fragrance.  We chose Wild Honeysuckle but Gardeina, White Rose and Jasmine would also work for this concept.

We also featured citrus which is very popular when added to food and drink while Ramadan falls in the summer months.  We hope to do a post soon about making mint lemonade for Iftar.

The eggs are our cosmic element because they can symbolize the universe and the egg surface and texture reminds me of the face of the moon.

We already had these fantastic terrariums with ferns, moss and pebbles so we added our foliage, citrus and eggs with the place settings to make the table.

Please share your ideas for making the Ramadan special for your children at Iftar.

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5. Illuminated Quran: The Food


This sample is the fifth chapter of our new book The Illuminated Quran: Curriculum for Children available now on Amazon.  Please add to the discussion by sharing your lesson experiences and artwork the children make for each lesson.



The fifth surah of the Quran contains some information about food and food laws, a description of wudu/ablution, and a miracle. In this surah, the rules for permitted and forbidden food are established.

  • What foods do we eat and what foods do we not eat as Muslims?
  • Have we ever heard another story where there was a forbidden food?

There is a description of the ritual ablution that we perform before prayer.

  • What is wudu?
  • Why do we make wudu before we pray?

In this chapter, the miracle of the table is described where the people asked Prophet Isa (a) for a miracle and Allah (s) sent the table down with food.

  • When Prophet Isa (a) asked Allah (s) to bring down the table as a miracle what happened?
  • What would you think if a table came down with endless food?


This is an image of a traditional table covered with food.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the meaning of the Quran.

The Mawlid Table

This year we decided to work on some settings for the Mawlid table.
I found some tree clippings at the park after the gardeners were finished pruning.

I brought them home and arranged them on the table.

I set the dining table with metal plates from Turkey and ceramic bowls from Morocco.

Next I added our Mawlid lanterns to help for the centerpiece.

Next we added a bowl full of mandarins and apples in season right now.

Please share your ideas for Mawlid holiday decorating.

Please see our new book for children: My Mawlid: an Early Reader for Muslim Children https://www.amazon.com/dp/1973232375/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_PhvgAbAM735M5

Iftar Table

Recently we harvested the gardenias from our garden for our moon garden theme of Ramadan decorating.

Our inspiration for Ramadan decorating this year is the Moon Garden.  A Moon Garden features while flowers that bloom in the night to save energy.  The flowers are white because they are pollinated by bats and moths and not bees.


First we collected about 100 gardenia blossoms from the garden.


We placed the gardenias floating in water in some transparent vessels.


Finally we added some flameless candles (for safety).

We look forward to adding more posts to our Moon Garden theme soon inshallah.

Please share your ideas for Ramadan decorating.

Al Mumin: 6 The Inspirer of Faith

This is the sixth part of our series on the 99 Names of Allah (s) for children.

Please see Physicians of the Heart: A Sufi View of the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah for more information about each name in this project if you would like to know more.

Lesson plan:

Present the lesson bellow and discuss one or some of the suggested questions.

Assist the students with ideas for the artwork for this name or ask them to make their own interpretation of the medallion provided here:

Fix the medallion to the format you have chosen such as a poster or wall with double-sided tape.

Lesson for Al Mumin: The Inspirer of Faith

The name Al Mumin means to inspire real faith and to trust in God alone.  For this medallion we have chosen the table from the fifth surah, the food.  Please see  5. Illuminated Quran: The Food and My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil for the story of Isa (a) and the miraculous table of food that came down from heaven as a miracle.

The name Mumin also meant to trust in God alone and the recitation of this name protects against hypocrisy and blind faith.


Suggested discussion questions:

What is faith?

Why did Allah (s) send a table down from heaven in the time of Isa (a)?

What inspires you to have faith?

How can we inspire faith in others?



We suggest you choose a space that can accommodate all the 99 Names or to fix the names to a fold out accordion book in sequence if you do not have an appropriate space available.


Please share your ideas for teaching the meaning of the 99 Names: A Visual Tasbih to children.