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The Tree of Light Vol 2: Part 3

This is our third sample of The Tree of Light Vol 2 concerning the lives of the Prophets.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s beautiful and comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather recounts the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who find that the lives of the Prophets have come to life.


“Why did the water heal Ayyoub (a).”


“It was special water.  Magical water.”


“Can I have some magic water for my burn?”


“If you make dua and ask Allah (s) to heal you then maybe your prayer will be answered.”


Sulayman put up his hands and asked and then opened one eye.  “Where is the water Grandfather?”


“It is coming, just rest a little longer, you will see.”


“Why did the water make his wife young again?”


“Ayyoub (a) was sad that his strong faith and patience with his illness made other people doubt in the power of God.  So, Allah (s) sent a miracle in the water for Ayyoub (a) and Rahma (r) to strengthen the faith of their followers.” 


“I would believe if Allah (s) sent magic water for my burn.”

Allah (s) then rained locusts of silver that became barley and locusts of gold that became wheat. Wealth and prosperity returned to the lands of Ayyoub (a). Rahma (r) reminded Ayyoub (a) of his oath to punish her when he saw her hair cut and Ayyoub (a) was sad because he knew now that she was innocent.  His Lord told him to punish her very lightly with some rushes so that he would not hurt her.

“Why did she tell him to punish her.”


“She did not want him to forget his promise to Allah (s).”


“But wasn’t she joking?  Didn’t she know that Allah knew the truth.”




“She had strong faith and so yes she knew that Allah (s) knew the truth and was her witness.  And she knew her husband just as all ladies know their husbands.  It is wrong to accuse ladies of being bad without proof and if it is not true.  Allah (s) does not like this; the Prophet Muhammad (s) said that the best men are the ones having the best manners with ladies.” 

Some say Ayyoub (a) lived 290 years and some say he lived 93 and Allah (s) knows best.

Grandfather put his beads in his pocket and looked down. Sulayman was now asleep but his brow was knit with pain and he shifted in his sleep.  Grandfather went to the toy chest in the corner.  He said a special prayer, “Authu bi kalimati-llahi-tammati min sharri ma khalaq.”1and lifted the lid.  He took a small bottle of water with a tiny cork from the chest and placed one drop of the water in Sulayman’s mouth and poured a little on his burns and then watched as the burns faded away to nothing.  He replaced the lavender oil bandages and pulled the blanket up around Sulayman before putting the small glass bottle back into the toy chest and closing it once more. 

Grandfather looked over at Sulayman who now rested peacefully.  All the pain had gone from his brow and he rested well.  Grandfather smiled at Yusuf and watched him doing all this with a twinkle in his eyes while pretending to sleep.  He tucked Yusuf in before going to take wudu (ablution) for Isha prayer. 


Maqam of Ayyoub (a) in Basra


Another maqam attributed to Prophet Ayyoub (a) in Oman.



1“I seek refuge on the perfect words of Allah Almighty from the evil that which He has created.”

3. Illuminated Quran: House of Imran

This sample is the third chapter of our new book The Illuminated Quran: Curriculum for Children available now on Amazon.  Please add to the discussion by sharing your lesson experiences and artwork the children make for each lesson.



The third surah of the Quran concerns the House of Imran – the family of Zachariah (a) and Sayyidina Mariam.

The surah mentions the dedication of Sayyidina Mariam to the temple and a miracle she experienced there.  If you would like to read about Zachariah (a) to the children there is a chapter concerning his story in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.


  • When Zachariah (a) saw that Sayyidina Mariam had fruits from Allah (s) in her prayer niche why did he decide to ask Allah (s) for a child?

Another miracle mentioned in this surah is where Prophet Isa (a) made a bird of clay and brought it to life which we now know as the bat.

  • Why do you think Prophet Isa (a) created a bat?
  • What do you know about bats?



The illustration for this chapter is a painting of the prayer niche of Sayyidina Mariam.



Please share your ideas for sharing the tafseer of Quran with children.

The Illuminated Quran

The Illuminated Quran: Curriculum for Muslim Children is a lesson plan that encourages comprehension and analytical thinking skills for young Muslims who are learning Quran or who are interested in learning Quran.


My son has been studying Quran for nearly 3 years and the thing that I felt was missing in his Quranic education was an explanation of Quran that he could understand and relate to.

After struggling with this question and begging his Quran teachers to address this concern I have finally decided to prepare a lesson plan myself. My goal is to provide an illustration for each chapter of Quran that relates to the story or information in the text.  I know that these images will require more explanation but those conversations will Inshallah lead to a better understanding for my children.

The completed project of all 114 chapters will be hung together in my sons’ room and provide a snapshot of the whole text.  It is also my hope that seeing this project will lead my son to have a greater interest in the content of the text he is memorizing and in learning more surahs and their meanings.

A note on the illustrations: I have mostly gleaned the illustrations from examples I found in Persian miniatures and others are the best approximations I could make of other images and ideas. In each post I will try to give an explanation of the image I chose and why. I will also attempt to summarize that surah in a way that is relatable to children.  The materials used are watercolour paper, watercolour pencils, watercolour paint and gold antique acrylic paint.

If you have ideas to help children learn about the meaning of Quran please share them with us.

Sira: The Bayt ul Mamur

Tonight we learned about the Bayt ul Mamur in the children’s sira The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.

When the Prophet (s) ascended he saw angels in different prayer postures and he reached one place where their eye were fixed to the ground in great concentration and he liked this very much.  I asked my son if he concentrates on one spot when he prays.  He said yes.  I asked my son if he was glad that the Prophet (s) asked for that part of our prayer and he said yes.

My son wanted to know how the author of this book knew about all these angels.  I explained that the Prophet Muhammad (s) returned from his night journey and told everyone what he saw.

Next we learned about all the children who were in heaven learning the Quran with Ibrahim (a).  My son asked why the children refuse to go to heaven without their parents.  My son said that he would want his parents to come with him as well.

My son asked why children go to heaven and I explained that when children die young they are without sins written for them.  My son said that he really did not want to do sins.  I asked my son how we protect ourselves from sins.  He said Authu billahi min a Shaitan nirajim Bissmillah ir Rahman ir Rahim.

I asked my son what the Bayt ul Mamur was and he said it is the Kaaba in Jenna.  My son asked why every angel has a job.  I explained that Allah (s) tells the angels to do this and that and they obey.  My son said that he wants the job of giving the adhan and leading the prayer at the Bayt ul Mamur.  He asked if he can have two jobs like that in Jenna.  I said that I did not know but that he could make dua and ask Allah (s).

My son asked how he could hear Allah’s (s) answer.  I said that he might hear an answer in a dream, or from a saint.  My son asked if a person becomes a wali will they hear Allah (s).  I said yes, something like that.

My son asked if some people do not pray in Jenna.  I said that they probably all do.  My son asked what would happen if he did not pray.  I said that I did not know but that we would probably want to pray in Jenna because it is so nice.

My son asked if there are more Kaabas.  I said there is just one Kaaba now and one Bayt ul Mamur in the 7th heaven as far as I knew.  He asked if there are any Kaabas in Hell.  I said that I did not know but I did not think so.

Please share your ideas for teaching the Sira of the Prophet (s) to children.

Dolls for the Innocent

These dolls were made by one of our contributors.

They were crocheted by a sufi lady that is trying to find the middle way for herself and her daughters.  She said that she was looking for a doll style that was more innocent for young girls than the Barbie type doll.


She searched for a simple crochet pattern and then found a YouTube tutorial for the hair.


She decided that the dolls should be simple and modest which more reflects our values as Sufi Muslims.

I am so pleased that she shared these dolls with us an I hope to see more things from her in the future.

As Muslim parents it can be challenging to find toys and dolls that reflect the innocence of childhood and do not push our children into an inappropriate vision of adulthood.  I encourage any of our followers that are inspired to submit projects like this one and any activities that you have with these toys for children to learn.

Please share your ideas for creative play with Muslim children.