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Al Wahhab: 16 The Giver of All

This is the sixteenth part of our series on the 99 Names of Allah (s) for children.

Please see Physicians of the Heart: A Sufi View of the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah for more information about each name in this project if you would like to know more.

Present the lesson bellow and discuss one or some of the suggested questions.

Assist the students with ideas for the artwork for this name or ask them to make their own interpretation of the medallion provided here:


Fix the medallion to the format you have chosen such as a poster or wall with double-sided tape.


Lesson for Al Wahhab: The Giver of All

The name Wahhab means divine blessings that are constantly refreshed like the cycles of the earth.  This name can mean the abundance from a cloud that rains freely.  Rain and flowing water is given to all  from divine abundance.  This medallion suggests the water cycles of the earth with a cloud covered globe.


Suggested discussion questions:

Why is rain a divine blessing?

Why is water important for life?

Why is the water cycle important for life on earth?

What happens to life when water stops?




We suggest you choose a space that can accommodate all the 99 Names or to fix the names to a fold out accordion book in sequence if you do not have an appropriate space available.


Please share your ideas for teaching the meaning of the 99 Names: A Visual Tasbih to children.