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Ark of Nuh Craft

This is a project from one of our contributors.

First they drew a boat outline and then glued the popsicle sticks down.  Them they glued little foam animals down on the ark from Michael’s craft store.

This craft would be ideal as a preparation for the Ashura holiday.

If you would like to read the story of Prophet Nuh (a) to your child with this craft there is a chapter concerning him in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.

Please share your ideas for creative projects to learn about the lives of the Prophets.

Ashura Creative Play Scenes and Gifts

This year for Ashura I was able to find Waldorf style dolls for Nuh (a) and Musa (a).  I used animal figures and a nested wave set to depict the flood and the parting of the Red Sea that coincides with the Asura Holliday.
We gave the pieces as gifts for Ashura.

We used the nested waves to show the parting of the Red Sea.



We used animals in pairs, a nested wave set and a Waldorf Doll for this arrangement to learn about the story of Prophet Nuh (a).

This year my sons received The Animals of Paradise book by Karimah Sperling.  I hope to read this book with the children soon and post the review.


The boys also received a book about Prophet Nuh (a) called Noah’s Ark by Lisbeth Zwerger.  I hope to read this book with the boys soon and post the review.

Please share your ideas for Ashura gifts and using creative play to celebrate the occasion with children.

Visiting the Ark of Nuh

An ideal activity with children for the Ashura holiday is a visit to a petting zoo if possible to give the children a tangible experience with animals.  We visited a local farm.

The bunny encounter was very special because the boys were allowed to hold the animal.

I do not think I have ever seen a mama chicken with her chicks in person before now.

The boys were excited to see a peacock.

Please share your ideas for celebrating the Ashura holiday with children.

Hijra Windows 1439: The Cave

Our main window for Hijra this year features the spider that  covered the cave to protect the Prophet (s).  This is part of our Hijra Windows Series for celebrating the Muslim New Year.

We have also included the rock dove and nest.

We have included the saffron colored snake that bit Abu Bakr (r).

I made the template myself and used a hole punch to make the eyes before stringing the snake onto a ribbon.

If you would like to read more about the Hijra story to your children there are two chapters in The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil please see chapters 17. The Hijra and 18. The Entry into Medina.

Please share you ideas for celebrating the Muslim New Year with children.

Flood of Nuh Garlands

This year we added a garland to our Ashura decorations featuring the flood waves from the story of Prophet Nuh (a).

If you would like to read more about Prophet Nuh (a) to your children there is a chapter about him in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.  This story is also part of our Illuminated Quran Curriculum at this link: 71. Illuminated Quran: Nuh.

First we made medallions for each wave in graduating darkness before the waters subside for Ashura in the final piece.

We glued pieces of colored paper in layers to represent the waves.

Then we strung the pieces together to represent the profession and end of the flood for Ashura.

Please share your ideas for celebrating Ashura with children.

Ashura Garlands and Activities 

Last year our Ashura celebration included these activities:

  • Drumming Concert
  • Decorating with story garlands
  • Ashura pudding cooking class

We are really hoping to have a drumming class next year to prepare for the holiday.

These garlands illustrate the story of prophet Nuh (as).
Materials: Watercolour paper, watercolour paint, ribbon

  Our ingredients for Ashura pudding.