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Isra wal Miraj: The Tree of Life 

When the Prophet Muhammad (s) traveled to the second heaven he saw a tree with leaves of many colours.  The green leaves were the new lives on earth and the yellow leaves were the lives close to their end.

The leaves are represented by butterflies to give the idea that they are animated and not static.

We used a punch to make the holes to tread the ribbon to tie the leaves to the tree.

We used an olive tree branch for this project.

Please share your ideas making the Isra wal Miraj holiday special for children.

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Al Mumit: 61 The Taker of Life

This is the sixty first of our series on the 99 Names of Allah (s) for children.
Please see Physicians of the Heart: A Sufi View of the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah for more information about each name in this project if you would like to know more.

Lesson plan:

Present the lesson bellow and discuss one or some of the suggested questions.

Assist the students with ideas for the artwork for this name or ask them to make their own interpretation of the medallion provided here:



Lesson for Al Mumit: The Taker of Life

Al Mumit can mean the one who causes death.  For this medallion we have chosen to depict Azrail, The Angel of Death, suggested by the form of a butterfly.  For the believer death is a chance to reunite with the Lord.  This name can also help us to contemplate the idea that we can “die before we die” or experience fannah (annihilation) where the ego is dissolved.


Suggested discussion questions:

What is fannah?

What happens to our soul when we die?

What spiritual practices do we do to prepare for death?





We suggest you choose a space that can accommodate all the 99 Names or to fix the names to a fold out accordion book in sequence if you do not have an appropriate space available.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the 99 Names of Allah (s).