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Isra wal Miraj Windows

We were inspired by Pinterest to make more butterfly ornaments.  In past years we used to butterfly to represent the angels for Isra wal Miraj.

We decorated our windows with butterflies and glass coloured beads strung on ribbon.  In the future we hope to add other ornaments that give a celestial atmosphere for the holiday.

Please share your ideas for Isra wal Miraj decorating with children.

Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.


Isra wal Miraj Mobile

We decided to add large butterflies to our Isra wal Miraj Mobile to represent the angles that the Prophet (s) observed on the Miraj.

We folded cardstock in half and traced out the shape of a butterfly.

We used a hole punch on the body to string some ribbon through the ornament.

We tied each butterfly to the mobile with the ribbon so that it looks like the angles have landed on the line.  The line is also woven with peacock feathers as though the Buraq had flown around in the courtyard and dropped feathers.

We added crystal lanterns which are mentioned in The Light of Muhammad, the Sira for children by Hajjah Aminah Adil.

For several years I have wanted to have some simple astrolabes added to our mobile display but I have not yet been able to get them made so I printed a photo of an astrolabe instead and added the cutout to the center of the mobile.  For me the meaning of the astrolabe in terms of the night journey is to suggest finding your way on a journey, in this case a journey through the universe with a tool emblematic of the Islamic sciences.

These decorations serve as part of a backdrop for our annual Isra wal Miraj play for children.

Please share your ideas for Isra wal Miraj decorating with children.

Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.


Isra wal Miraj Party

This is an Isra wal Miraj party for children posted by one of our contributors.  They planned their party so that the children would have the opportunity to learn about the Isra wal Miraj story in an engaging and creative way.


They began by reading the story of Isra wal Miraj to the children.  If you would like to read the Isra wal Miraj story to your children please see the children’s Sira The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.


Next they had a craft to lean about Masjid al Aqsa and the Buraq that carried the Prophet (s) there.


I am so pleased to see this party and project and I hope to see more ideas from our contributors for Isra wal Miraj ideas and hopefully for Ramadan as well.  Isra wal Miraj Mubarak to you and your family.


This is an update to this year’s post, contributor Kelly G sent us these photos from her Isra wal Miraj party:

Kelly writes:

Salaam alaykum! Here are some samples of the masjid over the Dome of the Rock, as part of the Isra wal Miraj story/craft time we did at the Masjid Sunday school. I’m sorry I didn’t get pics of them creating their masterpieces as I was busy assisting them all! We have 30 kids mashaaAllah

So, I cut out a half circle from golden bristol board and then the main shape of the mosque from different coloured cardstock paper. I created a few models for the kids to follow and let them draw their own doors/windows etc onto the mosque so it would be more personalized. We scotch taped the dome on from the back and voila! One child even drew S. Isa in his mosque! Lol mashaaAllah.

Thank you for sharing your great and simple ideas with us!

I want to thank Kelly G. for sharing with us this year and I hope to hear more from our followers about their holiday projects in the future inshallah.

Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.


Isra wal Miraj: The Tree of Life 

When the Prophet Muhammad (s) traveled to the second heaven he saw a tree with leaves of many colours.  The green leaves were the new lives on earth and the yellow leaves were the lives close to their end.

The leaves are represented by butterflies to give the idea that they are animated and not static.

We used a punch to make the holes to tread the ribbon to tie the leaves to the tree.

We used an olive tree branch for this project.

Please share your ideas making the Isra wal Miraj holiday special for children.

Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.


Isra wal Miraj: Play Performance

Here are some clips from our performance of the Isra wal Miraj play for children with a link to our new picture book and illustrated script.



If you would like the script please see:

Isra wal Miraj Script
I want to personally thank all the people who helped us and I hope that this play will become an anual tradition to celebrate this event in our history.  It is also our hope that the children gained a better understanding of our prayers and where they came from.

Please share your ideas for teaching children the Sira of the Prophet Muhammad (s).

Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.


Isra wal Miraj: Play for Children Script

This year for Isra wal Miraj we are posting the script of our Isra wal Miraj play for children in case there are any people who are interested in producing the play as well.  We only ask that if you do please send us pictures.

So far we have the play available in English and Arabic and we hope to make the play available in any other language if you would like to do so and send it to us.  You are most welcome to translate the script if you don’t mind to send us a copy so we can post it for others.

Isra Wal Miraj Script: English

Buraq: children do a dance with peacock feathers

Narrator: On this great night Allah called the Prophet (s) to heaven on the back of the magnificent Buraq with the tail of beautiful feathers.

1. Angels standing in Quaim
Narrator: In the first heaven the Prophet (s) saw the Angels standing in Qiam.
He asked for this beautiful Qiam for the prayer of the Muslims.

2. Angels bowing in Ruku.
Narrator: In the second heaven the Angels bow in Ruku. The Prophet(s) found this beautiful and asked for Ruku to be part of our prayer.

3. Angels in sajda

Narrator: In the third heaven the Angels were in Sajda. They raised their heads to greet the Prophet (s) and this is why we put our heads to the ground twice in our prayer.

4. Salsa’il

Narrator: In the fourth heaven the Angels stand in Qiam, bend in Ruku and Sajda. The Prophet(s) was impressed by the focus with their eyes and concentration and asked for this to be part of our prayer.

5. Angels in Qada

Narrator: In the 5th heaven the Angels sit in Qada. The Prophet(s) asked Allah(s) if he could have this posture in our prayer and his dua was accepted.
The sea of wrath: the children agitate a blue sheet to symbolize the sea of wrath
Narrator: In this heaven the sea of wrath that descended to earth in the time of Prophet Nuh(a) rolls and boils.

6. Angel Mikhail weighing the souls
Mikail weighs a soul (butterfly) that is heavy because it is from the nation of Muhammad(s).

Mikail is surrounded by many other angels sitting cross legged.
Narrator: In the sixth heaven the angel Mikail weighs our souls and finds the nation of Muhammad(s) be of greater weight than any other.

7. The sidratul muntaha
Angels will hold 7 palm fronds together like they are the trunk while the narrator explains the significance of the sidratul muntaha.

Narrator: The Prophet(s) reached the sidratul muntaha where angels sit like butterflies all over the tree. The Angels were so happy to see the Prophet(s) that they thanked Allah(s).

8. The sea of mercy and the pebble.
Ocean of Mercy: child in white (with olive tree branches held around him by other children) will throw a tiny lentil/pebble into an ocean (blue) sheet.

Narrator: In the presence of his lord the Prophet (s) saw an endless sea and a tree on its shore. In the tree sat a dove with a tiny pebble the size of a lentil.

(The child will pretend to take the pebble from its mouth.)

Narrator: The Lord said the tree is your world

-the dove is your nation

-the pebble is the sins of your nation

-the sea is my mercy upon you all
(The child will drop the pebble in the ocean, the other kids will shake the sheet gently so it rolls)
Narrator: And the pebble will fall into the endless sea of my mercy and dissolve into nothing.
And the Prophet (s) returned to the world, descending through the night and sky, and into the room where he slept before he ascended to the presence of the Lord of Heavens…

And the bed was still warm.

Isra wal Miraj Play: Arabic

Please see our other posts for Isra wal Miraj: Isra wal Miraj: ScrollIsra wal Miraj: Play PerformanceIsra wal Miraj: The Tree of Life .

Please share your ideas and experiences with the Isra wal Miraj play for children and your inspiration for celebrating the Isra wal Miraj holiday with children.

Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon which includes a copy of the play in english.


Isra wal Miraj: Gift Giving Ritual

In our family we have established a gift ritual for the Muslim holidays where the children dress up as little angels and pass out the gifts just as the real angels bring the gifts of Allah (s) to earth.

This year I gave my son a book I wrote for him about the history of the Prophets (a) with photos of all the Maqams for the Prophets (a), maps, artifacts etc.


I am currently looking for a literary agent or publisher that would be interested in this project so please let me know if you have any contacts.  I will need a lot of help with this because there are so many images so I hope there is a publisher out there who would be interested in the scope of this project.

Update for 2018:

I am pleased to say that volume one has now been published and is avaiale now on Amazon: The Tree of Light: The Lives of the Prophets for Young Muslims Volume 1


I also gave the Dervish Dolls with wood peg bases that I recently made for the boys.

I also gave the Dervish Dolls: Rabia (q) that I made from a cloth Waldorf lady doll and altered adding a bucket and a torch.


Please share your ideas for making Isra wal Miraj special for children.

Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.


Isra wal Miraj: Scroll

In preparation for Isra wal Miraj we have displayed an accordion book that can also be hung as a vertical scroll where the Prophet’s (s) journey begins at the bottom and ends at the top.

With this scroll we want the children to understand:

  • the origin of the prayer postures
  • what the Prophet (s) saw in his ascension
  • that the most important thing that the Prophet (s) saw was the vastness of Allah’s (s) mercy


We have other posts on decorating for this holiday: Isra wal Miraj Mobile 2017Isra wal Miraj WindowsIsra wal Miraj: The Tree of Life .  We  also plan to read the story of the Isra wal Miraj in The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil in advance and hang the scroll so that the children become more familiar with the story.  We also have a play based on this story for children at this link: Isra wal Miraj: Play for Children Script, and an article on our first performance: Isra wal Miraj: Play Performance.

At this time I am looking for a literary agent or a publisher for this project and I am working on the text for the story now.  If you have any useful contacts please let me know.

Please share your ideas for celebrating Isra wal Miraj with children.

I am pleased to share that this scroll is now a story book for children.  Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.