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Pool of Paradise: The Humay

This is the 7th part of our series on the Pool of Paradise project for Ramadan.




The Humay is the maker of kings.  Where the shadow of the Humay falls a king is found.  The Humay claims that he has no need of the Simourgh because he keeps noble company as he is.  The Hoopoe reprimanded the Humay for his pride and reminded him that he must seek his real king.


The Hoopoe told the Humay the tale of the Sultan and the Dervish.  “A  Dervish had a dream where the Sultan cursed the Humay because he wished to be a slave of his Lord and not a king on the earth.  The sultan knew Allah (s) to be the true king of all the creation.”


The Hoopoe continued, “If the truly noble curse you Humay and wish to find the Simourgh then what is your worth Humay?  You but delay the true ambition of our assembly who seek the true king.  Follow us to Mount Qaf, pass the seven valleys to the throne of your Lord.  Allah (s) is the maker of kings and their stories.  And so it was with Daoud (a), Sulayman (a)and Dhul Qarnain (a).  Where were you when they were made?”


The Humay dropped his wings low and sagged like a buzzard mumbling that it twas true and turned to follow the company of the Hoopoe.







After reading the passage about the Humay have your child attach the medallion for the Humay to the pool to the left of the Partridge.


Discussion questions:  What was the challenge of the Humay bird?  How did the Hoopoe convince the Humay to participate in the journey?


Please share your ideas for teaching children the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.