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Pool of Paradise: The Hawk

This is the 8th part of our series the Pool of Paradise for children in Ramadan.




The Hawk claims that he is pleased serving his king and has no need of the Simourgh.  The Hoopoe tells the Hawk that a king of the earth cannot compare to the King of Creation and that he should give no value to the material world.  The Hoopoe told the Hawk a story of an earthly king’s fickle favor.


“One king had a servant that he used to hold an apple for target practice on his head.  This servant knew the truth, that the king was mortal and might kill him with the arrow if it missed the apple.  I warn you dear Hawk heed the lesson of this servant and do not forget your true master.  If you come and find your true king you will be in the company of greater leaders then you will find resting here on earth.”


The Hawk bowed low with his wings outstretched before their leader and his head turned toward their horizon as he followed the company.





After reading the passage about the Hawk have the child add the Hawk medallion to the pool to the left of the Humay.


Discussion questions:  How are the Humay and the Hawk similar?  How are they different?


Please share your ideas for teaching children the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.