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Hijra Windows 1439: Medina

These are the window elements that represent the Prophet’s (s) arrival in Medina.  This is part of our Hijra Windows Series to celebrate the Muslim New Year.  Please see Hijra Windows 1439: The Cave as well.

I made a template for a seated camel to represent Qaswa, the camel of the Prophet (s) who sat before the house of Abu Ayyub (r) in Medina.

I made a template for palm decorations to represent the palm branches that the people of Medina used to greet the Prophet (s).

Please share your ideas for celebrating he Muslim New Year with children.

Flood of Nuh Garlands

This year we added a garland to our Ashura decorations featuring the flood waves from the story of Prophet Nuh (a).

If you would like to read more about Prophet Nuh (a) to your children there is a chapter about him in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.  This story is also part of our Illuminated Quran Curriculum at this link: 71. Illuminated Quran: Nuh.

First we made medallions for each wave in graduating darkness before the waters subside for Ashura in the final piece.

We glued pieces of colored paper in layers to represent the waves.

Then we strung the pieces together to represent the profession and end of the flood for Ashura.

Please share your ideas for celebrating Ashura with children.