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Tree of Prophets: Harun (a)

Tonight we read about the story of Harun (a) in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.

My son wanted to know why the staff of Musa (a) ate all the other snakes that came from the magicians’ staffs.  I explained that Musa (a) had real power and that was stronger than the magic of the others.


My son wanted to know why the army of Pharoah drowned in the Red Sea when the water fell back in after the Banu Israil reached the other shore of the Red sea.  We discussed why Allah (s) made the water to fall onto the army of the Pharoah to protect the believers fleeing Egypt.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the Prophets.

67. Illuminated Quran: The Kingdom

This surah speaks about the creation of the 7 heavens. The lowest heaven is adorned with lamps.  

Discussion question:  why do you think Allah (s) created the stars?  How were the stars formed in the universe?

A compliment to this surah is The Powers of Ten video on You Tube which illustrates the vastness of the known universe.  

If you are interested in a further exploration of the creation story of Islam please see our post: The Days of Creation.

Image:  this image mean to suggest the lamps hung on a tree like the stars hung in the sky.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children the Tafseer of Quran. 

Early Reader: My Turban Video

This is a video of my son reading part of the My Turban Early Reader:


We hope to make more like this once he has completely mastered this book.  I have not yet settled on another subject for the next book but I look forward to making another.  This one is already getting worn and ripped just like any other well loved book.

If you would like to use or copy this book you can find it at these links.  Please note that the artwork in the eBook is th same as the video and the printed book features photographs instead.

My Turban eBook

My Turban Paperback


Please contribute your ideas for helping young Muslims learn to read.

Early Reader: My Turban

I have recently begun reading practice with my son who has been ready to read simple words for a few weeks.  Today I finished making his first early reader.  I did try to find something prefabricated but they were all a little too advanced with too many complicated sound rules.  I designed the text to mostly use the short vowel sounds where possible.  My hope is that after mastering this text he will be able to move on to learn more complex reading sounds.

The subject of the reader is his turban.  I chose to make the book personalized for him because I find that children are particularly motivated when the lesson is personalized to their experience and interests.

If you have ideas for early readers or reading development materials for young Muslims please share them with us.

There is now a eBook version with the artwork featured in this post and a print version with photographs instead of drawings.


The Days of Creation

Creation stories are far more important than we realize.
Creation stories are the beginning, but they determine the middle and the end in ways that we would never anticipate.
And this is why:
Creation stories are the prime directive of any given culture.
Creation stories tell us who we are because creation stories tell us where we come from.
They tell us why we are here.
They tell us where we are going.
There are many similarities between the creation stories of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition.
This is by no means the only version of this story but it is the general content and order suitable for a children’s project.   The episodes are arranged in an accordion book that can also be hung as a banner.

Materials: My Little Lore of Light (book), Watercolour paper, watercolour pencils, watercolour paint, double facing tape
In the Muslim tradition the first thing to be created was light of the Prophet Muhammad (s). This light was placed in a green lamp and hung in the heavens.

The second thing created were the heavens and the stars.

The third things created were the fire and Iblis.

The fourth thing created were the waters of the earth.

The fifth thing created was the land and the animals.

The sixth thing created was the Prophet Adam (a), from water and clay and the breath of Allah (swt).

It is worth noting that this story does bear no small resemblance to the scientific understanding of the unfolding universe and that understanding that resemblance will help your children to integrate their faith with their introduction to the modern sciences.

Please share any ideas that you may have for the days of creation and please ask the Prophet Adam (a) and the Prophet Muhammad (s) to bless our project and increase our understanding of Allah’s (s) creation.