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Tree of Prophets: Hud (a)

Tonight we read the story of Hud (a) in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.  We reviewed this story as part of out Tree of Prophets  project and our 11. Illuminated Quran: Hud  lesson plan and review.

In the story of Hud (a) my son wanted to know why the white cloud that came to the people of Ad had scorpions.  I told him that it was one of the clouds that were sent to punish the people who were not listening to Allah (s).

My son wanted to know why the second cloud was red.  I told him that the red cloud rains fire.  He wanted to know if the red cloud would rain fire on bad people.  I said maybe but the black cloud was chosen and not the red.

My son wanted to know why the people of Ad chose the black cloud.  I told him that they chose the black the cloud because they thought it was a rain cloud but it was really full of scary bird like creatures.  My son wanted to know why they did not choose no cloud.  I told him that the drought in that country had been very difficult for the people of Ad and they needed the rain.

The artwork for this medallion is to represent the garden of Iram.

Please share your ideas for teaching the lives of the prophets to children.