The last time I visited my grandmother’s home was the year she passed away.  While I was there I saw my father’s nursery room from when he was a child.  On the wall were three artist etchings, architectural etchings.  As I got closer I could see blurry little figures in the foreground.  They were tiny turbaned men in long flowing robes that were supposed to be talking or listening.  They were beautiful from up close; they were beautiful from afar.

My father was raised in a home without religion by good, caring, educated people who loved beautiful things.

As an adult my father became an architect and designer and a Sufi Muslim.

I know, just as you do, that the beautiful things we share with our children will have  a life long impact on who they are and what they will become whether we do it by accident or with purpose and intention.

This site was opened to create a forum to share ideas for Muslim holidays and family projects for children because this is the time to share the beauty of our faith with those most precious to us. This is the time to captivate their consciousness and imagination.  It is our goal to present examples of holiday decorating and celebrations for all the Muslim holidays both from the traditional context and the creativity of our contributors.

We encourage you to contribute in the reply section by adding your ideas and suggestions.  Please include photos of your decorations and projects so that we can all learn from you.

The topics for holidays and projects are mostly gleaned from known stories of the Prophets and the Saints.  To further this educational goal we are hosting a research project on the lady saints (Waliat) so that one day we will have celebrations and projects for this topic as well.  You are welcome to contribute by visiting the grave (Maqam) of a lady saint and sharing any photos or stories you were able to gather there.

Please pray for our project when you visit the Prophets or the Saints and inshallah their blessings will increase our knowledge of the lady Waliat.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear sister, thank you so much for this website, it is the answer to my prayers! I have been wondering how to share in a beautiful way our love for islam and tariqa with our little girls. This web gives me a lot of inspiration. May Allah bless you and your family.

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    1. Waleykum Salaam!

      I think that all Muslim mothers like you are searching for a way to share beautiful celebrations and projects with their children. I have been looking for contributors to this website so please share with us if you have any good ideas. Some of our most popular projects are from ladies like you. Please let me know if you would like to contribute or if you have any questions and thank you for your interest in Sirajunmunira. You can follow our posts at this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Sirajunmunira-1543454932647135/

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  2. Assalamualaykum sister,
    Couple weeks ago you have kindly contacted me in my Instagram to contribute in your website. I have not fully understand what is your expectation on the writing. Anyway, I am currently living in Australia and is trying my best insyaAllah to raise my children to be the best muslim in a secular country. I would be happy to share whatever you think necessary.
    Thank you for your website. I need to learn more, myself.



    1. Waleykum Salaam!

      So lovely to hear from you. We ask for a couple paragraphs of text about your favourite topic to do with teaching Muslim children with a couple photos to share. You are most welcome to write more or to submit more than one article but that is basically it. You can send it to me on Instagram, there is an email link there, or text it to me on Instagram. I hope that we hear from you again soon.

      Thank you for your interest in Sirajunmunira.


  3. This is an ocean of wisdom and beauty. I am simply spellbound!! What an eternal treasure! Thanks a million also for the pictures of the maqams (makes us feel connected to their blessings). Bless all the contributors.


  4. Masha Allah Dear sister, I liked your website & books very much. Especially it really nice that you found a way to teach Islam to your children in a Sufi way. I think this should be developed and spread, it’s really inspiring.


    1. Astafirullah thank you and salaam!

      I am definitely trying to share with the permission of my Shaykh and I appreciate your feedback. Please follow the link to the Muslim Family Traditions website. All the new articles are posted there. People couldn’t spell the other name so I had to change it. Also we have a book blog for the Sulayman and the Green Lamp novel coming out soon. It is like Harry Potter for Muslim kids, please pray for me that I can finish it soon.


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