The Tree of Light Vol 2: Part 3

This is our third sample of The Tree of Light Vol 2 concerning the lives of the Prophets.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s beautiful and comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather recounts the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who find that the lives of the Prophets have come to life.


“Why did the water heal Ayyoub (a).”


“It was special water.  Magical water.”


“Can I have some magic water for my burn?”


“If you make dua and ask Allah (s) to heal you then maybe your prayer will be answered.”


Sulayman put up his hands and asked and then opened one eye.  “Where is the water Grandfather?”


“It is coming, just rest a little longer, you will see.”


“Why did the water make his wife young again?”


“Ayyoub (a) was sad that his strong faith and patience with his illness made other people doubt in the power of God.  So, Allah (s) sent a miracle in the water for Ayyoub (a) and Rahma (r) to strengthen the faith of their followers.” 


“I would believe if Allah (s) sent magic water for my burn.”

Allah (s) then rained locusts of silver that became barley and locusts of gold that became wheat. Wealth and prosperity returned to the lands of Ayyoub (a). Rahma (r) reminded Ayyoub (a) of his oath to punish her when he saw her hair cut and Ayyoub (a) was sad because he knew now that she was innocent.  His Lord told him to punish her very lightly with some rushes so that he would not hurt her.

“Why did she tell him to punish her.”


“She did not want him to forget his promise to Allah (s).”


“But wasn’t she joking?  Didn’t she know that Allah knew the truth.”




“She had strong faith and so yes she knew that Allah (s) knew the truth and was her witness.  And she knew her husband just as all ladies know their husbands.  It is wrong to accuse ladies of being bad without proof and if it is not true.  Allah (s) does not like this; the Prophet Muhammad (s) said that the best men are the ones having the best manners with ladies.” 

Some say Ayyoub (a) lived 290 years and some say he lived 93 and Allah (s) knows best.

Grandfather put his beads in his pocket and looked down. Sulayman was now asleep but his brow was knit with pain and he shifted in his sleep.  Grandfather went to the toy chest in the corner.  He said a special prayer, “Authu bi kalimati-llahi-tammati min sharri ma khalaq.”1and lifted the lid.  He took a small bottle of water with a tiny cork from the chest and placed one drop of the water in Sulayman’s mouth and poured a little on his burns and then watched as the burns faded away to nothing.  He replaced the lavender oil bandages and pulled the blanket up around Sulayman before putting the small glass bottle back into the toy chest and closing it once more. 

Grandfather looked over at Sulayman who now rested peacefully.  All the pain had gone from his brow and he rested well.  Grandfather smiled at Yusuf and watched him doing all this with a twinkle in his eyes while pretending to sleep.  He tucked Yusuf in before going to take wudu (ablution) for Isha prayer. 


Maqam of Ayyoub (a) in Basra


Another maqam attributed to Prophet Ayyoub (a) in Oman.



1“I seek refuge on the perfect words of Allah Almighty from the evil that which He has created.”

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