The Tree of Light Vol 2: part 1

This is our first sample of The Tree of Light Vol 2 concerning the lives of the Prophets.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s beautiful and comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather recounts the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who find that the lives of the Prophets have come to life.


13 AYYOUB (a)


Sulayman and Yusuf were eating their supper when Yusuf threw a small dinner roll at Sulayman from across the table.  Sulayman jumped up to throw it back and hit the table a little too hard toppling his bowl of hot soup into his lap.  He started screaming because the soup burned his skin and his mother took him quickly to clean up the hot mess. 

She changed his clothes and put aloe gel from the garden and some lavender oil before Grandfather came with Yusuf to tell their bedtime story.  Yusuf looked at Sulayman’s burns with fascination and pulled away to hide behind Grandfather when he saw Sulayman’s red and blistered skin. 

Grandfather put Yusuf on the other couch and sat next to Sulayman and rubbed his head while Sulayman whimpered about the pain. Mother came and applied more lavender oil and brought Sulayman some tea sweetened with honey to help with the pain and help him rest.  As Grandfather started the story Sulayman began to relax and felt a little lightheaded. 


The father of Ayyoub (a) was called Mus and he was from the family of Ishaq (a) and Yaqub (a).  The mother of Ayyoub (a) was Anoos and she was from the daughters of Lut (a).  Ayyoub (a) was handsome and wealthy and lived in the land of Qudsiya near Damascus.  His wife Rahma (r) was from the family of Yusuf (a) and his son Ephraim.


Map of Jerusalem


Ayyoub (a) spent the night and part of day praying and thanking his Lord in a little mosque.  The angels praised Ayyoub (a) so much that Iblis became jealous.  Iblis said that if Ayyoub (a) lost all his wealth and good fortune he would no longer love his Lord.  Allah (s) said that this was not so and Ayyoub (a) would remain unchanged in his heart no matter what happened to his wealth and gave Iblis permission to change the situation of Ayyoub (a).


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