Pool of Paradise: The Heron

This is the 9th part of our series on the Pool of Paradise for children in Ramadan




The Heron claims that he is too weak to make the journey and he only desires to be near the water.  The Hoopoe warns the Heron of the perils of the sea.  The Hoopoe then told a tale of a Dervish who asked the Sea why it boiled and rolled and took the color blue.  The Sea said it wore blue for mourning the Beloved and rolled and boiled with love for the One.  The truest desire of the Sea was to have one drop of divine water from the river Kawthar, the river of paradise.


“Do not seek the Sea of this world dear Heron.  Seek the Pool of Paradise that is fed by the river Kawthar, which runs to the Sea of Mercy that lies beyond the Sidratul Muntaha.  As we journey to the Pool of Paradise do not forget the Isra wal Miraj.  The journey to the divine presence is farther than we can imagine, but if our path is folded the road is not long.”


“The night that the Prophet (s) ascended to the heavens he was shown the river Kawthar that flows from Paradise.  The angel woke him in the night.  The Buraq carried him into the night.  He passed the White Rooster calling all to prayer, the Tree of Life, the Door of Hell, the Sea of Wrath, the Scale of Souls, the Bayt al-Mamur, the Lote Tree, and the Sea of Mercy until he reached the river bank of Paradise.   The Prophet (s) will gather his Umma there at the Pool of Kawthar.  Come dear Heron, don’t delay.  Come with us to the shore of the Pool of Paradise.  This river is nothing but a shadow of our goal.”


The Heron lifted his long legs from the water and followed the company on their journey.




After reading the passage about the Heron have your child add the Heron medallion to the pool to the left of the Humay.


Discussion questions:  When the Heron does not want to go on the journey how does the Hoopoe convince him that there is a better place to go?  Many of the birds in our tale do not want to leave the water.  Why is that?





Please share your ideas for teaching children about the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.


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