Pool of Paradise: The Duck

This is the 5th part of our series on the Pool of Paradise for Ramadan where our birds make a long and difficult journey to find their true leader just as we make our long and difficult fast to come closer to Allah (s).


The Duck swept up from the pond and claimed that it was clean and pure as the water dripping from its feathers.  She said, “I cannot leave the water for it is my home and I am well suited to it and not at all suited to this journey before you.  Leave me in my little pond and I will be content.”

The Hoopoe replied, “This pond is not your home dear Duck for your home is the Pool of Paradise.  If you join us in our quest you will find truer water than this and will arrive cleaner than if you remain here.  All life comes from the true water in the Pool of Paradise and not the shadow of water here in this life.  You cannot be clean and pure by denying our quest. And Remember that the Sea of Wrath sent in the time of Nuh (a) is there, but above it is the Sea of Mercy.  From which sea do you wish to take your part?”

The duck lowered her head, submitted and followed the Hoopoe on the journey.


After reading the passage about the Duck have your child attach the Duck medallion to the pool to the left of the Peacock.

Discussion questions:  Are we supposed to stay where things are easy and comfortable all our lives or are we supposed to challenge ourselves with things that are difficult?  In which body of water in Jenna do you think the Duck would like to live?


Please share your ideas for teaching children the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.


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