Dervish Dolls: Adhan 

Today our little dervish doll is demonstrating adhan for Maghrib prayer.  In Ramadan this is the most eagerly awaited adhan of the day because it means that the sun has set and our fast has ended.  We break our fast together and replenish ourselves.

Children who are fasting half days are especially interested in hearing the adhan at Maghrib so they can break the fast with their parents.  They sometimes want to practice performing the adhan as well.

The arms of our dervish dolls are able to articulate with some effort so this doll could pose for the adhan.

Sirajunmunira is currently searching for a new manufacturer for the Dervish Dolls.  If you are interested or know someone who is please leave us a message in the comment section of this post.

Please share your ideas for using creative play to teach children about the rites of Ramadan.

Please see our other Ramadan project:

Ramadan: Pool of Paradise Introduction


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