Pool of Paradise: The Peacock

The peacock is the 4th bird of our Pool of Paradise project for Ramadan.




The Peacock came and laid his carpet of feathers before the company.


“Do not envy my beauty for I am cursed by my own action.  I am not worthy to reach to the Simourgh but I wish to return to his paradise because it is I that carried Iblis into Paradise.”


The Hoopoe spoke to the Peacock, “Your True Home is beyond even the paradise you know and is more blessed and more beautiful if you can reach it. Adam (a) was not exiled for a simple sin but because Our Creator does not wish us to love His Paradise, His Creation, or any other thing he has created more than Him.  We must all guard against this error and seek only the Simourgh and not the comforts of Paradise.”


“The Lady Rabia knew this well and she carried a vessel of water to extinguish the fires of Hell and a torch to burn Paradise to teach us that our goal is the pleasure of our Lord and not to avoid the discomfort of Hell or seek the pleasures of Paradise.”


The peacock lowered his head folded his tail and followed the Hoopoe on the journey.





After you review the story of the Peacock your child will attach the Peacock medallion to the pool to the left of the Parrot.


Discussion Questions:  Why does the Peacock want to return to Paradise?  Why is it better to desire the presence of Allah (s) than Paradise?





Please share your ideas for teaching children the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.





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