Pool of Paradise: The Hoopoe

This is the second episode of our Pool of Paradise project for Ramadan.  Today we add the Hoopoe to the pool next to the Nightingale.




The Hoopoe addressed the Nightingale, pleading with him to not be deceived by the illusions of this world no matter how lovely and enchanting they may be.  He begged the Nightingale to perceive the thorns and the wilting petals.


“If you lose your rose one day you will know that all that is beautiful comes from Our Lord and all that is false comes from ourselves.  If you love only that which is mortal and fleeting you will always be disappointed and desolate, dear Nightingale, so follow me to the source of all that is beautiful and all that your heart can desire because there is but One Vessel that can contain the Creator: the heart that lies in your breast.”


The nightingale lowered her head, submitted and followed the Hoopoe on the journey.




After reading the passage add the Hoopoe medallion to the pool to the left of the Nightingale.


Discussion question: How is the Hoopoe different than the Nightingale?  Why is the Hoopoe leading the other birds on their journey?


Please share your ideas for teaching children about the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.




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