Pool of Paradise: The Hoopoe Addresses the Assembly

Before the first bird approaches the Hoopoe bird with his struggle on the path the Hoopoe addresses the assembly as a whole and describes the journey before them and its purpose.

The next post will be for the Nightingale – the first bird that will be placed on the top of the pool canvas, the others will follow counterclockwise to the left of the Nightingale all around the pool.




“I have even been a faithful servant to my master Sulayman (a) and it is his master that we must seek.  Leave your egos, leave your fears and come with me to find our True Master.  It is the Simourgh that we seek yet when we find him you will see that only your soul can perceive him.”


So one by one each bird took heart but once they heard of the trials before them they paused and doubted and so the Hoopoe said,


“When the creator regarded the Well of Souls before him and sent them out each to fulfill their quest He gave them a secret.  This secret was given to help each defeat their greatest enemy and return victorious to the Creator.  Now all of you who gather here have forgotten the Day of Promises and your secrets, know not your quest and follow your enemy like a tethered animal.  When the creator made your souls he gave each soul its Will.  The Will to do good or the Will to turn to evil.  This Will is precious and it is what sets you apart from the Angels made before you.  Your creator used many means to guide this Will and all but one failed.  When your creator cast the Will into the Valley of Hunger it said “You are the One and True Lord and Creator and to You alone we turn.”  For thirty days we will travel on our journey.  We will fight our fear, our anger and our hunger so that we may recognize the creator once more and leave the Valley of Hunger again.  Our Creator has given us the gift of Ramadan so that each year we can remember Our Quest, Our Origin and Our Home.




The next post will be for our first bird on the pool, the Nightingale that is superimposed on the first slice of the Ramadan moon.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.



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