Pool of Paradise: Invocation

This section is my adaptation of the invocation in the original poem: The Conference of the Birds by Farid ud-Din Attar.  I have included an overview of each bird for the project below the invocation because this was partly done in the original poem but I have listed each of the 30 birds in order and by number with a short synopsis of their motivation in the story.  Some of these birds were not mentioned in the original poem so I have added a bird to those stories and characters that were not clearly identified during the journey to Mount Qaf.  I have done this because we needed a bird for each of the 30 medallions and a story to go with each bird for each day of fasting in Ramadan.  



In the name of Allah (s), creator of the heavens and the earth.

We search for the Lord in skies where we fly, the waters that we swim, the perches where we light.

The Prophets of Allah (s) have come to teach us and all the other beings that light on this earth.

Gather my flock together and hear of the journey we will make to find our creator, our leader, our home.

Leave behind your comfort and fear and understanding to find what is real and true.



  1. Nightingale sing of Daoud (a) and soften your heart.
  2. Hoopoe tie Iblis and come to Sulayman (a).
  3. Parrot leave the fire of Ibrahim (a).
  4. Peacock cast out the serpent and go with Adam (a) to paradise.
  5. Duck do not forget the Sea of Wrath in the time in Prophet Nuh (a).
  6. Partrich loose the camel and depart with Salih (a).
  7. Humay come and find your true king and follow in the footsteps of the Prophet kings like Daoud (a) and Sulayman (a).
  8. Hawk loose your talons and fly with Iskander (a).
  9. Heron come with us to the Pool of Kawthar.
  10. Owl soar with us and we will find real treasures if you follow us.
  11. Sparrow fly out of the well of Yusef and ascend to his heights.
  12. Eagle leave Nimrod and Pharaoh and find a truer king.
  13. Ostrich come with us and slay the giant of cowardice.
  14. Lovebird ascend with us and find the love for which you will forever burn.
  15. Seagull become the thief that steals nothing of value and seeks the soul.
  16. Flamingo leave your plume in a pile of dust like the Phoenix and join us on our quest to seek the real beauty that does not time diminish.
  17. Woodpecker hoard your ajar leave your ithm in dunya.
  18. Goldfinch scorch this dunya till all you desire is the Lord of Ayyub (a).
  19. Turtledove leave this prison and follow Yunus (a) out of the whale.
  20. Egret come and whirl with us beyond the stars to the Pool of Paradise.
  21. Raven find the strength of Ayyub (a) and preserver with us.
  22. Penguin stand firm and tall upon your faith and you shall not fail.
  23. Wagtail hear the message of Musa (a).
  24. Falcon leave this dunya and seek refuge with Muhammad (s).
  25. Crow show the courage of Dhul-Qarnain (a) and show us the way through the 7 valleys.
  26. Swan you must love your Lord and seek him more than you love yourself. Love as Zulaykha (r) loved Yusef (a) to your own undoing.
  27. Cuckoo slay your dragons of pride and join us in humility.
  28. Blue Jay come and ask the Simourgh for a worthy goal.
  29. Goose join us on the Miraj and travel farther than you have ever gone before.
  30. Pigeon you have the faith to follow Khidr (a) and that is indeed rare and you have the envy of the Prophets.

The next post will be for the Hoopoe bird’s address to the assembly of birds but the series for the medallions will not begin until we have the story for the Nightingale which I will post on June the 6th most probably.

Please share your ideas for teaching children  about the Prophets and the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.



2 thoughts on “Pool of Paradise: Invocation”

  1. I started reading your text, it’s really nice, I see that you worked hard on it… I am looking forward to Ramadan, to get this work started, it’s giving me an extra motivation to fast….!!!! I will, however ask my kids to draw the birds, and get books from the library to actually see what the birds look like.
    thanks a million!


    1. Thank you for your interest in Sirajunmunira. If you would like to see the Pinterest board that I used to make the medallions click here: http://pin.it/ElWe-ks I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest… The children’s books we reviewed will not list all the birds or depict them necessarily. Please share pictures of your children’s work and let me know if you need any more information. You are also welcome to contribute any ideas you have for teaching children the rites of Ramadan.


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