The Tree of Light: Part 43

This is the forty third sample of  The Tree of Light: The Lives of the Prophets for Young Muslims available now on Amazon.  This is the first volume of a three volume series with maps, pictures and paintings of important sites and Maqams related to the stories of the Prophets.  This series would be an ideal source for the Tree of Prophets  project featured here on our website.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather tells the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who learn that the stories of the Prophets have come to life.


Ibrahim (a) and Sarah (r) continued to Egypt with a caravan but before they reached the gates Ibrahim (a) hid Sarah (r) in a box.  He was afraid that if they saw how beautiful Sarah (r) was that they would give her to the Pharaoh.


“Could she breathe in the box?” asked Sulayman.




“How big was the box?” Sulayman held his arms wide.


“It was big enough to fit a lady inside, bigger than you, smaller than me.”

When they discovered her, they asked Ibrahim (a) who this beautiful woman was and he told them she was his sister so that they would not kill him and it is true that they were brother and sister in their faith.  Sarah (r) was very brave.  When they brought her to the Pharaoh she resisted him saying she was the wife of a Prophet and he should not touch her.  When the Pharaoh tried to touch her his hand shriveled and he asked her to pray for him to be healed.  He tried to touch her 7 times before he gave up and apologized to her for his bad manners.  The Pharaoh then gave her a slave named Hajar (r) who was the grandchild of the prophet Salih (a).

After a time, they returned to Nineveh to appeal to Nimrod once more to accept the One God.  Nimrod asked where the army of the One God was and Ibrahim (a) said that the army was comprised of mosquitos.  These mosquitos came out of the poplar trees that had grown from the blood of the fish that Nimrod had shot with the arrow.  Nimrod prepared his army, but he himself hid in a room secured with a keyhole that spiraled 7 times because in truth he was afraid to face the army of Allah (s).  The mosquitos that emerged from the poplar trees were not ordinary mosquitos and they ate through the armor of the soldiers and drank their blood and devoured them all, even their bones.

One mosquito who was lame traveled through the spiral lock into the room where Nimrod hid himself.  The mosquito battled Nimrod for 3 days before flying in through his nose and into his head.  It began to eat his brain and this was very painful so Nimrod would order a servant to hit his head to stop the mosquito for a moment.  One day a slave hit his head with a large rock and split his head in two.  The mosquito flew away having grown to the size of a small bird.

A mosquito flew by Sulayman’s ear and he screamed and waved his arms around.  The mosquito landed on the wall near the ceiling and looked down at them. Sulayman threw things at it and it just flew around until he stopped and then landed again.  Finally, Sulayman hid under his blanket so the mosquito couldn’t find him.  

Ibrahim (a) left Nineveh once more and bought some land to start a farm, but the people were afraid of him now and would not sell him the things he needed to farm the land. Returning from the market one day he filled his bags with sand so that the people would not know he had returned with nothing.  But Allah (s) had filled his bags with wheat and grain.  He was surprised to smell the baking bread.  Sarah (r) brought him some and said she found the flour in his bags.

Ibrahim (a) and Sarah (r) had no children and Sarah (r) suggested that Ibrahim (a) should marry Hajar (r) so that their family might have children.  Ibrahim (a) and Hajar (r) were married and had a son named Ismail (a).  Sarah (r) was not able to bear having Hajar (r) live near her anymore, so Ibrahim (a) took them into the desert and the angel Jibrail (a) told him to leave them where the camel sat down.  The place the camel sat was very hot and dry with no plants or water.  After Hajar (r) ran out of food and water she went to search for some provision.  She ran between the hills of Safa and Marwa 7 times in search of water.  Then she saw the foot of Ismail (a) strike the ground. From the spot where his foot struck water gushed out of the ground forming the well we call Zam-Zam.  A voice from the well told her that the water was sufficient for food, drink and illness and she thanked the Lord for this special water.

“Why didn’t Ibrahim come back and bring her more food.”


“Ibrahim (a) knew that Allah Almighty would provide for Hajar (r) and Ismail (a).”

Sometime later a lost caravan found this place with Hajar (r), her son Ismail (a) and the well of Zam-Zam.  The people of the caravan had an illness that was instantly cured by the water and so they asked Hajar (r) if they could return with their families and build a city in this place.  In that way, the city of Mecca was founded.

Ibrahim (a) then had a dream where the Lord ordered him to sacrifice his son Ismail (a). He had this dream 70 times and the dreams of Prophets are true.  Hajar (r) prepared Ismail to go out with his father but after they left Shaitan came to her to say that Ibrahim (a) was going to kill her son.  She recognized Shaitan and drove him away saying that if the Lord took her son that she would accept this.  Shaitan then approached Ibrahim (a) and Ismail (a) trying to deceive them, but he failed.  Ismail (a) threw three stones at Shaitan injuring him in the valley of Mina.

“I want to throw stones at Shaitan.”


“Hmm,” said Grandfather.  “When you go on Hajj[1]you will.” 


“But I want to throw stones at Shaitan now.  I don’t want to wait till I’m old!”


“Well I am going soon.  If you have memorized your second juz2I will take you.”


“But a juz is so long!” wailed Sulayman. 


Yusuf started crying.  Grandfather rubbed his head. 


“Juz too long.” Yusuf squeaked. 


“You have many months.  And If Yusuf has one juz and Sulayman has two then I will take you.”


“Too long!” Yusuf buried his face in his blanket. 


“You will be ready before your brother Yusuf because you have 1/2 a juz already and Sulayman only has one and he has to learn a whole other juz.” 

[1]Pilgrimage to Mecca

2Section of Quran

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