The Tree of Light: Part 40

This is the fortieth sample of The Tree of Light: The Lives of the Prophets for Young Muslims available now on Amazon.  This is the first volume of a three volume series with maps, pictures and paintings of important sites and Maqams related to the stories of the Prophets.  This series would be an ideal source for the Tree of Prophets  project featured here on our website.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather tells the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who learn that the stories of the Prophets have come to life.


Part 40:

One day when the people were at a feast Ibrahim (a) said he was ill and stayed at the temple.  After they had gone he destroyed all the idols except the largest.  He left the axe in the hands of that idol.  When they returned and asked him what had happened he said that the large idol had destroyed the others, but they said an idol cannot destroy other idols.  When they questioned Ibrahim (a) he asked them why they worship idols that cannot defend themselves.

“Can I make an idol Grandfather?  And then I can smash it!” Sulayman asked eagerly. 


“You are smashing everything already,” said Grandfather. 


“But I want to smash an idol!  Where can I get one?  What do they look like?”


Grandfather pointed to Yusuf’s teddy bear.


“They are looking a bit like that.”


Yusuf started crying and tried to hide his teddy under the blanket as Sulayman pounced to grab it.  There was screaming and wrestling until Sulayman emerged from the blanket with the teddy and started pounding the little bear into the floor.  Yusuf was crying and trying to stop Sulayman.  Grandfather put Yusuf on his lap and told Sulayman to give him the bear. Grandfather gave the bear back to Yusuf and dried his nose with a tissue. 


“Mr. Bear is not an idol Sulayman.  Yusuf does not pray to Mr. Bear.”


“No touch it my bear!” Yusuf screamed.


It was at this time that Ibrahim (a) received his prophethood and he was brought before Nimrod by the people.  Ibrahim (a) asked Nimrod what he wanted without bowing or waiting for the king to speak first.  Nimrod asked him why he did not bow and Ibrahim (a) said that he only bows to Allah (s).  Nimrod asked who Allah (s) was and Ibrahim (a) said that Allah (s) is the one true God and the giver and taker of life.  Nimrod had a man brought before him and had him beheaded and then brought another man and set him free.  Nimrod then said he is also the giver and taker of life.

Ibrahim (a) said that Allah (s) makes the sun to rise in the east and set in the west and invited Nimrod to make the sun rise in the west.  Angered by that Nimrod ordered Ibrahim (a) to be imprisoned with no water for a year on the mountain in a very hot place.

In this time, even the father of Ibrahim (a) would not accept the one true God, and then Nimrod and many of his people decided to get rid of Ibrahim (a) for good. Nimrod wanted to burn Ibrahim (a) and told all the people to bring one log for the great bonfire.


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