The Tree of Light: Part 36

This is the thirty sixth sample of The Tree of Light: The Lives of the Prophets for Young Muslims available now on Amazon.  This is the first volume of a three volume series with maps, pictures and paintings of important sites and Maqams related to the stories of the Prophets.  This series would be an ideal source for the Tree of Prophets  project featured here on our website.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather tells the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who learn that the stories of the Prophets have come to life.


Part 36:



Sulayman and Yusuf were playing in the garden when a song bird landed on the rosebush near them and started singing.  Yusuf pointed to the bird and smiled.  Sulayman shook the rosebush with a stick but the bird held fast.  As he shook the bush harder the bird jumped onto his head and pulled out some of his hair. 

Sulayman ran from the garden screaming that a bird was killing him and bumped right into Grandfather.  When he asked what was wrong Yusuf ran up.


“Bird!” squeaked Yusuf.


Grandfather looked where Yusuf pointed and saw a nightingale hopping from rose to rose.  It stopped briefly and sang in their direction. 


Grandfather nodded at the nightingale and patted Sulayman on the head. 


“The nightingale loves the roses very much Sulayman, and you should not disturb him,” Grandfather advised.  Yusuf started giggling as Sulayman waved his arms around complaining about the bird. 


“Bee!” squealed Yusuf. 


He pointed to a bee crawling on one of the roses in front of them.  The bee took off and flew in Sulayman’s direction, floating around his head. Sulayman started screaming and ran into the house. 


“Come Yusuf, I will tell you the story of the Nightingale and the Bee, if we can find where your brother is hiding.  Your brother should not harass the animals of Sayyidina Ibrahim.  I fear he is going to learn the hard way.”


Sulayman screamed from inside the house and the bee flew out and back toward the garden. 


“Bee!” Yusuf pointed. 


Sulayman was shouting that the bee had stung him. Grandfather looked at his arm and said he was not stung and explained that bees die when they sting and the bee was in the garden alive and well. 


He took a jar out of the cupboard and gave them each a spoon of honey. 


“Bees are blessed animals because of what they did for Ibrahim (a), and now I will tell you his story.”

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