Shaban Moon-splitting Craft

Shaban Mubarak! I am so pleased to share another craft from Kelly G. and to thank her for contributing. She decided to create a craft around the event where the Prophet (s) split the moon in two as a miracle to prove to the Quraysh that he was indeed a Prophet (s) of Allah (s).

She began with a drawing of the night sky and then gave the children a moon to split with scissors and glue to attach the split moon to the composition. She asked the children to include a short ayat concerning this event from the Holy Quran.

This craft is an excellent example of what we do here at Sirajunmunira, using creativity and love to help children learn about the Prophet (s) and the message he brought for all humanity.

Our humble thanks once again to Kelly G. a we welcome her and you to contribute your projects so that we can learn from you.


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