4. Illuminated Quran: The Women

This sample is the fourth chapter of our new book The Illuminated Quran: Curriculum for Children available now on Amazon.  Please add to the discussion by sharing your lesson experiences and artwork the children make for each lesson.




The fourth surah of the Quran concerns ladies and families.  Part of the chapter also corrects the story about Prophet Isa (a).  There is also a section on inheritance laws.

The surah mentions the mercy and gentleness of the Prophet (s) towards ladies and children and emphasizes that it is not permitted to abuse or persecute them.

  • How did the Prophet (s) treat Khadijah (r) and Fatimah (r)?
  • How are we supposed to treat ladies in Islam?

The surah mentions the story of Prophet Isa (a) as we understand it in Islam.

  • Do we believe that the mother of Prophet Isa (a) was Sayyidina Mariam? Do we believe that the Romans killed Prophet Isa (a)?

The surah also discusses the laws of inheritance.

  • When someone passes away what happens to the things they own?



This illustration is meant to represent several ladies in Persian miniature style.



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