The Tree of Light: Part 16

This is the sixteenth sample of The Tree of Light: The Lives of the Prophets for Young Muslims available now on Amazon.  This is the first volume of a three volume series with maps, pictures and paintings of important sites and Maqams related to the stories of the Prophets.  This series would be an ideal source for the Tree of Prophets  project featured here on our website.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather tells the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who learn that the stories of the Prophets have come to life.

Part 16:


4 NUH (a)

Sulayman and Yusuf were playing in the garden fountain with little toy boats carved out of wood.  Sulayman took a huge bucket of water and threw it on the boat that Yusuf was floating and suddenly there was screaming and crying and splashing.  Grandfather came out of the orchard to see what was wrong. 

There was water all over the tiles; both boys were soaked through and looked very unhappy.  He looked into the fountain and saw the boat still bouncing along in the water.  It had not sunk even with all the commotion.  Grandfather had made the boys these matching boats as gifts for Ashura. 


“Hmm,” said grandfather.  “Yusuf is this your boat?”


Yusuf nodded. 


“Come Yusuf.  We will get you some dry clothes and I will tell you the story of the most famous boat that was ever made.”  Yusuf took Grandfather’s hand and they shuffled off together leaving Sulayman behind by the fountain. 


Yusuf sat on the couch in warm fresh clothes wrapped in a blanket sucking his thumb.  Sulayman sat across the room on the other couch swinging his legs back and forth impatiently. 


Grandfather took out his prayer beads and put down his tea.

“The Prophet Nuh (a) was the son of Lamaq who saw terrible things in the caves near Babylon.  There was a snake king called Zahaq that would kill and eat his people.


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