1. Illuminated Quran: The Opening 

This sample is the first chapter of our new book The Illuminated Quran: Curriculum for Children available now on Amazon.  Please add to the discussion by sharing your lesson experiences and artwork the children make for each lesson.

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  1. The Opening

The first surah of the Quran speaks about Allah’s grace and mercy.  We are asked to follow the straight path and not the crooked path.  Children can understand the concept of being lost so in this instance it would be useful to discuss how Allah(s) wants to help us find our way.

These lessons are meant to encourage analytical thought where the instructor leads a discussion about the text but allows the students to work out the answers for themselves in the course of the discussion.

For this surah, you can discuss what “grace” and “mercy” mean.

  • Can you think of an example of graciousness, and an example of mercy?

Next you can look at what the text means by “worlds.”

  • What worlds are there?
  • Can we think of an example of how the worlds are supported by Allah(s)?

Next you can discuss the phrase “guide us to the straight path.”

  • What is a straight path?
  • How does Allah(s) show us this path?
Siratul Mustaqueem




The image for this surah is of a path surrounded by darkness to illustrate the Siratul Mustaqueem.  The students can explore the idea of a path or darkness and light in their composition.


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