The Illuminated Quran

The Illuminated Quran: Curriculum for Muslim Children is a lesson plan that encourages comprehension and analytical thinking skills for young Muslims who are learning Quran or who are interested in learning Quran.


My son has been studying Quran for nearly 3 years and the thing that I felt was missing in his Quranic education was an explanation of Quran that he could understand and relate to.

After struggling with this question and begging his Quran teachers to address this concern I have finally decided to prepare a lesson plan myself. My goal is to provide an illustration for each chapter of Quran that relates to the story or information in the text.  I know that these images will require more explanation but those conversations will Inshallah lead to a better understanding for my children.

The completed project of all 114 chapters will be hung together in my sons’ room and provide a snapshot of the whole text.  It is also my hope that seeing this project will lead my son to have a greater interest in the content of the text he is memorizing and in learning more surahs and their meanings.

A note on the illustrations: I have mostly gleaned the illustrations from examples I found in Persian miniatures and others are the best approximations I could make of other images and ideas. In each post I will try to give an explanation of the image I chose and why. I will also attempt to summarize that surah in a way that is relatable to children.  The materials used are watercolour paper, watercolour pencils, watercolour paint and gold antique acrylic paint.

If you have ideas to help children learn about the meaning of Quran please share them with us.

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