The Tree of Light: Part 6

This is the sixth sample of The Tree of Light: The Lives of the Prophets for Young Muslims available now on Amazon.  This is the first volume of a three volume series with maps, pictures and paintings of important sites and Maqams related to the stories of the Prophets.  This series would be an ideal source for the Tree of Prophets  project featured here on our website.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather tells the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who learn that the stories of the Prophets have come to life.

Part 6:

Sulayman climbed down from the tree and kissed his brother, apologizing for the apple.  Yusuf hugged his brother and tried to climb the tree again. “Up up in the tree.”  he said.  They climbed the tree together while Grandfather took a nap. 

Grandfather found Sulayman and Yusuf in their room with their heads in the toy chest and their bottoms hanging out trying to reach all their stray blocks.  They built a little city with the blocks and were just a few pieces shy.  They did not want to come to dinner till it was finished.  Grandfather waited patiently as they placed the last pieces. Then he promised to tell them a story about a very beautiful and important chest after they had eaten their dinner and helped their mother wash up. 



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