The Tree of Light: Part 3

This is the third sample of The Tree of Light: The Lives of the Prophets for Young Muslims available now on Amazon.  This is the first volume of a three volume series with maps, pictures and paintings of important sites and Maqams related to the stories of the Prophets.  This series would be an ideal source for the Tree of Prophets  project featured here on our website.  In this adaptation of Hajiah Amina Adil’s comprehensive history of the Prophets a sage grandfather tells the stories of the Prophets to his two adventurous grandsons who learn that the stories of the Prophets have come to life.

Part 3:

Adam (a) was lonely in the garden and Allah (s) created Hawa (r) so that they would be together.  They were asked to not eat the fruit of one tree there in the garden.  They were deceived by Iblis who entered the garden inside the peacock.

He deceived Adam (a) and Hawa (r) with fear and lies, telling them that they would suffer a terrible death if they did not eat the fruit of the forbidden wheat tree.  They regretted their error and dressed themselves with the leaves of the fig tree because they were ashamed.  Some are saying they were ashamed because they were naked but when we do wrong sometimes we are hiding, wanting to hide what we have done and hide ourselves from punishment.

Grandfather glanced up into the tree where Sulayman was hiding.  Sulayman hid behind the branch again. 


“Do not forget that we cannot hide from the things that we have done and do not forget that it is written that we have done these things so that we can learn from our mistakes and ask for forgiveness.”  Grandfather rubbed Yusuf’s head again and took his miswak tooth stick from his pocket. 


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