The Secret Blessing: Part 24

This sample is the twenty fourth part of our new book for children concerning the Dala’il Khayrat. The book is written as a story where a sage is teaching his two grandchildren about the Dala’il al Khayrat.  The full book is now available on Amazon at this link: The Secret Blessing: The Dala’il Khayrat for Children.


PART 24:

Oh Allah, bless our master Muhammad… in every pebble in the solid ground of the earth.

“I love pebbles,” whispered Sulayman.  “But Yusuf loves them more.  There is a magic red pebble in one of his books and he makes Mama read it to him every day.  Are the pebbles that bless the Prophet magic?”

“Yusuf have pebbles!”  Yusuf ran to get his little box off the shelf.  He opened it and showed Grandfather his collection of red pebbles.  “They no make wish.”  Yusuf explained.

“They are looking like the pebbles of the Ababil,” Grandfather picked one up.

“The birds that threw stones on Abraha?”  asked Sulayman.

Grandfather nodded.

Yusuf ran to get his book about Mahmud the elephant and asked Grandfather to read him the story about the year that the Prophet (s) was born.  The king of Yemen brought an army to destroy the Kaaba and Mahmud the elephant refused to move and would not charge the House of Allah.  Then Allah (s) sent an army of birds to rain tiny rocks from Hell upon the army and they were destroyed.  Yusuf loved the huge illustrations of the elephant.  When they reached the part when the army beat Mahmud the elephant to charge the Kaaba Yusuf squeaked, “No hurt Mahmud!”

“What happened to Mahmud after?” asked Sulayman.

“Mahmud is one of the animals granted Paradise.  Like the bee that brought water to the fire of Ibrahim (a), the nightingale that sang for Ibrahim in the fire, the hoopoe that served Sulayman (a), the dove of Nuh (a).”

Yusuf pulled on Grandfather’s sleeve and whispered in his ear.

“Yes Yusuf, you can ride Mahmud in Jenna (Paradise).  He is waiting for you.”  Yusuf hopped up and down and was very happy.


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