The Secret Blessing: Part 22

This sample is the twenty second part of our new book for children concerning the Dala’il Khayrat. The book is written as a story where a sage is teaching his two grandchildren about the Dala’il al Khayrat.  The full book is now available on Amazon at this link: The Secret Blessing: The Dala’il Khayrat for Children.


PART 22:

Bless our master Muhammad…in all the Pen has written in the Mother of the Book!

“Is that the first pen?” Sulayman pointed.  “Is that the pen that wrote Bissmillah?”

Grandfather nodded and smiled.  “Yes, we learned about the Pen when you learned the story of Adam (a).”

“What is the Mother of the Book?” asked Sulayman.  “Is that Dala’il Al-Khayrat?”

Grandfather shook his head.  “The Mother of the Book is where all the books of the Prophets come from – the Umm ul Kitab.  Sometimes they are calling it the Lawh ul Mahfuz or the Divine Tablets.”

“When do I get to read the tablets?”  asked Sulayman.

Grandfather laughed, “Maybe if you go on Miraj you could read them, they are will the Lord of Heavens, not on earth.”

“That is farther away than the library,” Sulayman frowned.

Grandfather laughed, “Yes, that is farther away than the library.”


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