The Secret Blessing: Part 20

This sample is the twentieth part of our new book for children concerning the Dala’il Khayrat. The book is written as a story where a sage is teaching his two grandchildren about the Dala’il al Khayrat.  The full book is now available on Amazon at this link: The Secret Blessing: The Dala’il Khayrat for Children.


PART 20:

Oh Allah bless your closest angels…our master Jibrail, our master Mikail, our master Israfil the angel of Death, our master Ridwan, the Guardian of Your Garden and our master Malik. 

Sulayman looked closely at the painting on the page.  “Is that what angels really look like?”

Grandfather shook his head.  “No.  They are not looking like this.  If you were seeing what they really looked like you would have nightmares.”

“Are they scary?” aske Sulayman.

Grandfather nodded slowly.  “If you are not prepared your heart will stop.”

Yusuf looked down at his chest and then up and around as though he were worried he might see an angel.

“Come on Yusuf!” Sulayman ran off to the back garden with Yusuf at his heels and left Grandfather to read his book.  Sulayman said, “We needed to find the oldest tree in the world,” and Yusuf followed asking why he needed to find an old tree.


The boys came back after Isha (night prayer) and the stars were starting to peak out in the sky.  Grandfather was finishing his dinner in the courtyard and the boys sat down to have their soup and bread after a tiring day of hunting for old trees, lizards and angels.

As the boys ate Grandfather began reading his Dala’il Al-Khayrat again and the boys asked to hear more.

“I need to know it for Al Chemya.  I want to go soon.  I want to know all the magic salawats,” Sulayman said between mouthfuls.


Please see our other books and stories about the Prophet Muhammad (s) and share your ideas for teaching Muslim children with us here on the website.


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