The Secret Blessing: Part 18

This sample is the eighteenth part of our new book for children concerning the Dala’il Khayrat. The book is written as a story where a sage is teaching his two grandchildren about the Dala’il al Khayrat.  The full book is now available on Amazon at this link: The Secret Blessing: The Dala’il Khayrat for Children.


PART 18:

Oh Allah, bless our master Muhammad in every plant and in every tree which has grown from the beginning of this world to its end.


“Are there trees that are as old as the earth?  Are there trees that have been growing since the beginning?” asked Sulayman.

Grandfather looked into the back garden for a moment.  “For sure there are very old trees indeed.  There are trees that witnessed the arrival of Adam (a) on earth that still live.  There are trees that yet live that sheltered the Prophet Muhammad (s).  But trees came to earth long long before this.  Trees came to earth so long ago that you cannot count the years.  There are some trees that have witnessed all of history, from the time that mankind began to write their story until this day.”

“Can I see that tree?” Sulayman looked over his shoulder into the back garden.

Grandfather smiled, “There are very old trees in our garden here, very special trees.”


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