Mawlid Puppet Play

This project was conceived to find a way to incorporate the story of the Prophet’s (s) birth into our Mawlid celebration for children.

We used puppets to illustrate certain elements in the story.

The children used their puppet at specific cues and this was very useful because we had many young children and visiting children who could not have memorized lines or rehearsed ahead of time.  We had a very animated narrator who really engaged the children in the story and it was an enormous success!

The year of the elephant.

The birds that fanned Aminah(r).

The fish Zalmusa that danced in the sea.

The cloud that carried the Prophet (s) around the world.

I have the script here as an example:
Mawlid Adaptation:
In the year of the elephant the Prophet (s) was born.
– wave the elephant puppet
A king named Abraha brought an army to destroy the Kaba.
Mahmud the elephant refused to destroy the Kaba and sat down on the ground.
– wave the elephant puppet
The time for the Prophet (s) to be born was near and many holy ladies came to help Aminah (r) the mother of the Prophet (s).
A flock of birds came to fan her with their wings and flew around her in circles.
– wave the bird puppets
The Prophet (s) was born and he immediately prayed for us.
A white cloud came that sounded like galloping horses and took the prophet around the world and then brought him back to his mother Aminah (r).
– wave the cloud puppets
An angel came and whispered secrets in the Prophet’s (s) ear.
The fish named Zalmusa, with 70 thousand heads and 70 thousand tails, danced in the sea with joy that the Prophet (s) had arrived.
– wave the fish puppet
A king and his daughter came to see the newborn baby in Mecca.
The whole world celebrated the birth of the Prophet (s).
And now we will celebrate the birth of the Prophet (s) with sweets and gifts and salawat!
(This would be a very good time to have a song.)

Extrait du livre Light of Muhammad. Adaptation pour le Mawlid.


Durant l’année de l’éléphant, le Prophète (s) est né.
– Agitez les marionnettes d’éléphants
Un roi qui s’appelait Abraha regroupa une armée pour détruire la Kaba.
Mahmud l’éléphant refusa de détruire la Kaba et il décida de s’assoir parterre.
– Agitez les marionnettes d’éléphants
La naissance du Prophète (s) s’approchait et beaucoup de femmes saintes sont venues aider Aminah (r) la mère du Prophète (s).
Un groupe d’oiseaux sont venus la rafraîchir en agitant leurs ailes et ont volé autour d’elle en faisant des cercles.
– Agitez les marionnettes d’oiseaux
Le Prophète (s) est né et il a tout de suite prié pour nous.
Un nuage blanc qui faisait le bruit de chevaux qui galopent est venu. Il a emmené le Prophète (s) autour du monde et l’a ramené à sa mère Aminah (r).
– Agitez les marionnettes du nuage
Un ange est venu et a chuchoté des secrets dans l’oreille du Prophète (s).
Un poisson qui s’appelait Zalmusa, qui avait 70 mille têtes et 70 mille queues, a dansé dans la mer tellement il était heureux que le Prophète (s) soit arrivé.
– Agitez les marionnettes du poisson
Un roi et sa fille sont venus voir le nouveau-né à la Mecque.
Le monde entier a célébré la naissance du Prophète (s).
Et aujourd’hui nous allons célébrer la naissance du Prophète (s) avec des bonbons, des cadeaux et des salawats! Alors chantons une salawat pour notre Prophète (s)!
(Un bon moment pour chanter une chanson, ex : Tala al Badru Alayna….)


Please see our new book for children:  My Mawlid: and Early Reader for Muslim Children which includes the play at the back as well.




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