Mawlid Mobile: The Cloud

The cloud that carried the Prophet Muhammad (s) all around he world is always the centrepiece of our Mawlid Mobile.  So this year I looked through many examples of Persian art to see what I could do to make our centerpiece look more sophisticated.

I traced the cloud onto heavy drawing paper and then placed 2 more papers underneath and held them together while I cut out 3 papers at once.  The cloud is not symmetrical so I flipped the center paper before gluing them together in the center with a ribbon to attach to the mobile.

Before glueing I painted spirals and curls on to both sides of each cut out.

After everything was dry I folded the outer cut outwards at an angle away from the center paper so that there were 6 arms to the cloud.

The 6 arms give the cloud ornament a beautiful look when it moves.

If you would like to read to your children about the cloud and other elements of the Prophet Muhammad’s (s) birth story please see The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.

Tomorrow inshallah I will post the details of this year’s Zalmusa fish ornament.

Please share your ideas for Mawlid decorating.

Please see our new early reader for Muslim children concerning the Mawlid celebration and story on My Mawlid: an Early Reader for Muslim Children featuring the Mawlid Puppet Play for children in English and French.


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