Mawlid Mobile: The Birds

This year for our Mawlid Mobile I used a composite of several different Persian bird paintings and sculptures to make the design.  I was also inspired by our Conference of the Birds project The Pool of Paradise.

I used heavy drawing paper and glued two pieces together for stability. I glued the tail feathers between the two body pieces and the wins on top of the body on opposite sides to imply flight.

This year I painted the beaks green as they are in the Sira for children The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.


Our next post on the Mawlid Mobile will give some details on how we made the cloud ornament this year.

Please share your ideas for Mawlid decorating.

Please see our new book for Mawlid:

My Mawlid: an Early Reader for Muslim Children

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