Pool of Paradise: The Valley of Understanding

This is the 34th part of our Pool of Paradise project for children in Ramadan.  Today we pass the Valley of Understanding.




The Prophet Muhammad (s) said “Seek knowledge even if you must travel to China.”  Today we see the Valley of Understanding below us and we seek that knowledge.


After the believers made the Exodus out of Egypt Sayyidina Musa sought greater knowledge with Khidr (a) at the place where the river and the fish were joined again.  Khidr (a) told Musa (a) that his knowledge was not for Musa (a) but they travelled together for a time.  Khidr (a) drilled holes in the boat that carried them, struck a young boy dead, and rebuilt a falling wall, but Musa (a) was not able to understand why.  Khidr (a) tried to share his knowledge with Musa (a) but he did not see until he was told that the boat was to be stolen and was saved by the minor damage; the boy was to be a tyrant and his believing parents were saved from misery; the wall concealed a treasure belonging to orphans that would have been stolen if Khidr (a) had left the wall in ruin.  Khidr (a) still walks the earth.  He bids us salaam and asks us to greet Musa (a) when we reach the Pool of Paradise.


Please share your ideas for teaching children the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.



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