Pool of Paradise: The Valley of the Quest

This is the 32nd part of our Pool of Paradise series for children in Ramadan.  This episode is for the 2nd day of the 6 days of Shawal.




If you want to reach the Pool of Paradise you must be brave and bold and quick as the one who conquered Goliath.  He shed his armor and relied on his Lord.  When Daoud (a) faced the giant he defeated him with three pebbles and a sling shot.  The three pebbles found their mark and struck Goliath in the head killing him.  The army of believers were victorious because of the swiftness and bravery of Daoud (a).  Allah (s) blessed Daoud (a) with a beautiful voice filled with divine love.  The wild creatures bellow are his followers and they give us salaam and bid us give their salaam to Daoud (a) in Paradise.


Please share your ideas for teaching children the rites of Ramadan.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.


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