Pool of Paradise: The Pigeon

This is the 30th part of our Pool of Paradise project for children in Ramadan.




The Pigeon bobbled forward and addressed the company.  “Some say that to find the Simourgh you must come as a beggar.  Myself and my flock are the beggar birds of this earth.  We come to the Simourgh with our begging bowl empty and ready to be filled with divine love and knowledge.  Tell us dear Hoopoe how the poor and stupid can come to the Simourgh or are we too low to make such a great journey.”


The Hoopoe said,  “Pigeon you have the faith to follow Khidr (a).  Not all the learned or high can follow this teacher.  Few understand his lessons or can bear his tests for long.  You who have lived low on this earth and have no love of dunya have naught to loose but your souls.  Khidr (a) leads both Prophets and Saints on this earth to a truer knowledge than most can bear.  You are indeed worthy and you may give your greetings to Khidr (a) on our way for he still walks the earth on the orders of his Lord.”


The Pigeon chortled with glee and bobbled quickly after the Hoopoe and his great company.




After reading the passage about the Pigeon have your child add the Pigeon medallion to the pool to the left of the Goose.


Discussion questions:  What was the question of the Pigeon?  Have you ever felt that you were not smart enough or high enough to do something great?  Why is it difficult to follow Khidr (a)?




Please share your ideas for teaching the rites of Ramadan to children.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.

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