Pool of Paradise: The Swan

This is the 26th part of our Pool of Paradise project for children in Ramadan.




The swan glided forward upon a pond of glass and ripples spread by his wings.  The swan claimed to love the Simourgh of the Caucasus but it was himself that he loved and not his true king.


He said, “If the Simourgh loves me as I love the Simourgh then he cannot want me to be spoiled by this journey into a disheveled carcass.  If the Simourgh loves us truly he cannot want the hardships of the journey but only sweetness and ease.”


The Hoopoe said, “Do not have love of yourself or this world dear swan.  Any form you have here in dunya is a shadow the true form you will have at the shore of the Pool of Paradise.  Even if the journey burns away every feather you will be better for it.  Remember that the beauty of Zulaykha (r) and the beauty of Rahma (r) was restored after their trials.  Zulaykha (r) loved Yusef (a) and she was rewarded with marriage to him and her youth returned.  He found her old and living in the streets of Egypt but when her prayer was answered she became young and beautiful once more and bore Yusef (a) 11 sons.”


“Rahma (r) was restored by the fountain that healed Ayyoub (a).  She and her husband were cast out and lived in poverty for a time.  Rahma (r) stayed with her husband and did not abandon him.”


“Your beauty is of no value if you do not reach your goal and one day soon the fire of time will burn your plume away until there is nothing left and you will be hollow, not because you have lost your beauty but because you have wronged your soul.”


The Swan covered her beak with her wing to conceal her tears before turning to join the flock.




After reading the passage about the Swan have your child add the Swan medallion to the pool to the left of the Crow.


Discussion questions:  What is the ego problem of the Swan?  When Allah (s) sends us challenges is that good or bad?  Have you ever wanted to look nice rather than to work hard?




Please share your ideas for teaching children the rites of Ramadan.

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