Pool of Paradise: The Turtledove

This is the 19th part of our Pool of Paradise series for children in Ramadan.




The Turtledove cooed and said, “In the early morning I sing my song with a sad heart.  I saw the flood of Nuh.  I brought the olive branch.  My feet were washed in the Sea of Wrath and I fear to be in peril again.  I will come with you.  I will obey but I fear death as I have seen it, as much death as can been seen.”


The Hoopoe said, “Have strength dear dove as you are worthy as your service to Nuh (a)!  Be like the phoenix and rise from your own ashes, the pyre of your rebirth.  We that are born will die and remember that it is the eternal life that we seek and our true safety is from our Lord.  When we arrive together in Jannah we will see that there is indeed the Sea of Wrath, but above it and still larger is the endless Sea of Mercy.  On its shore you will reside in a windblown tree, your feathers bleached white by the sun.  In your beak you shall hold the tiny black pebble holding all our sins and when your Lord bids you drop it to the water…’


‘The Lord shall say:


You are the nation of Muhammad (s).

Within the pebble are the errors of his nation,

and this sea is my mercy upon you all.’


You who have witnessed and survived the Sea of Wrath shall spend eternity on the shores of the Sea of Mercy dear dove, beyond the Lote Tree near to the presence of your Lord and you are so honored.”


The Hoopoe bowed low to honor the dove above the others of their company and all the others followed.


The dove shed a tear and cooed, “Nuh (a) had told me this was so and I had forgotten.  Let us follow the Hoopoe to the ends of this earth for all we do here is error and forget all that is worth remembering.”




After reading the passage about the Turtledove have your child add the Turtledove medallion to the pool to the left of the Goldfinch.


Discussion questions:  Why did the dove fear death?  Why is the dove honored for his service to Nuh (a)?






Please share your ideas for teaching the rites of Ramadan to children.

Please see out new book for this project:  The Pool of Paradise: A 30 Day Curriculum.


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