Isra wal Miraj: Gift Giving Ritual

In our family we have established a gift ritual for the Muslim holidays where the children dress up as little angels and pass out the gifts just as the real angels bring the gifts of Allah (s) to earth.

This year I gave my son a book I wrote for him about the history of the Prophets (a) with photos of all the Maqams for the Prophets (a), maps, artifacts etc.


I am currently looking for a literary agent or publisher that would be interested in this project so please let me know if you have any contacts.  I will need a lot of help with this because there are so many images so I hope there is a publisher out there who would be interested in the scope of this project.

Update for 2018:

I am pleased to say that volume one has now been published and is avaiale now on Amazon: The Tree of Light: The Lives of the Prophets for Young Muslims Volume 1


I also gave the Dervish Dolls with wood peg bases that I recently made for the boys.

I also gave the Dervish Dolls: Rabia (q) that I made from a cloth Waldorf lady doll and altered adding a bucket and a torch.


Please share your ideas for making Isra wal Miraj special for children.

Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.


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