Isra wal Miraj: Scroll

In preparation for Isra wal Miraj we have displayed an accordion book that can also be hung as a vertical scroll where the Prophet’s (s) journey begins at the bottom and ends at the top.

With this scroll we want the children to understand:

  • the origin of the prayer postures
  • what the Prophet (s) saw in his ascension
  • that the most important thing that the Prophet (s) saw was the vastness of Allah’s (s) mercy


We have other posts on decorating for this holiday: Isra wal Miraj Mobile 2017Isra wal Miraj WindowsIsra wal Miraj: The Tree of Life .  We  also plan to read the story of the Isra wal Miraj in The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil in advance and hang the scroll so that the children become more familiar with the story.  We also have a play based on this story for children at this link: Isra wal Miraj: Play for Children Script, and an article on our first performance: Isra wal Miraj: Play Performance.

At this time I am looking for a literary agent or a publisher for this project and I am working on the text for the story now.  If you have any useful contacts please let me know.

Please share your ideas for celebrating Isra wal Miraj with children.

I am pleased to share that this scroll is now a story book for children.  Please see our new book Isra wal Miraj for children available now on Amazon.


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