Isra wal Miraj Mobile 2017

This year we decided to add large butterflies to our Isra wal Miraj Mobile to represent the angles that the Prophet (s) observed on the Miraj.

We folded cardstock in half and traced out the shape of a butterfly.

We used a hole punch on the body to string some ribbon through the ornament.

We tied each butterfly to the mobile with the ribbon so that it looks like the angles have landed on the line.  The line is also woven with peacock feathers as though the Buraq had flown around in the courtyard and dropped feathers.

This year we also added crystal lanterns which are mentioned in The Light of Muhammad, the Sira for children by Hajjah Aminah Adil.

For several years I have wanted to have some simple astrolabes added to our mobile display but I have not yet been able to get them made so I printed a photo of an astrolabe instead and added the cutout to the center of the mobile.  For me the meaning of the astrolabe in terms of the night journey is to suggest finding your way on a journey, in this case a journey through the universe with a tool emblematic of the Islamic sciences.

These decorations serve as part of a backdrop for our annual Isra wal Miraj Play for children.

Please share your ideas for Isra wal Miraj decorating with children.


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