Dervish Dolls: Ladies

I have been inspired by the many peg dolls I have seen online recently for Muslim children.

I purchased some little peg dolls from


First I wrapped each doll in a fabric dress and glued the seam with regular white craft glue.


After the dresses were dry I applied a black make up pencil to each face to form eyes and eyebrows.

Next I painted a headscarf onto each doll.

When the paint dried I glued a shawl to the crown of each head.

When the glue dried I wrapped the shawl around each figure and applied glue. I used a small piece of removable tape to hold the clothing down while it dried.  Once the glue dried I removed the tape and trimmed the excess fabric from the bottom of each doll so that they stood up properly.


We look forward to creating more creative play activities for these new Dervish Dolls soon.

Please share your ideas for creating unique and special toys for Muslim children.

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