Prayer Pastels: Asr

Our third pastel composition is in the muted purples and blues of the fading afternoon light.  The sun is sinking in the sky and the minaret is shadowed from the viewer’s perspective.  The Asr prayer time can be calculated by the length of the shadow as a little longer than the length of the object.  The minaret is our interpretation of the Kalon in Bukhara Uzbekistan.


We began with pastel pencil outlines of the minaret and dome before adding the landscape colours.


We recommend helping the children with the outline sketches for a reference point like the minaret in our composition and then showing the children the model for the blocks of landscape colour in the background. If the children are young then you can add the pastels and have the children blend the background colours.

The display can be hung vertically or horizontally in order of the prayers like so.  The purpose of this exercise is to help the children think about how the sky and shadow looks at the various prayer times rather than the hour of the day or prayer calculators.  This is an especially wonderful project for children in Ramadan because of the attention given to Fajr and Maghrib for the fasting day.


Please share your ideas for teaching children about the times for prayer throughout the day.

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